Life’s Journey

About us

My main reason to blog or diarise our travels was to share our journeys with others. Our passion for travel started many years ago, we travelled extensively throughout Australia in caravans enjoying the company of other travellers and listening to their stories as well as visiting Asia, the UK and the continent several times. Those were very different days full of exciting carefree travels, however times have changed and turned our lives upside down due to Pat being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. We could lay down and let it take over our lives and succumb to this very cruel disease or be determined not let it beat us. So in the last two years we have planned and enjoyed our travels albeit with many complications, some funny some not so funny. The main thing is to get out there and build some memories “ pardon the pun” as short term memory loss effects the cognitive ability as well as memory. However photos have been a significant aid to recoup those memories, especially with the advanced data the smart phones have now recording dates and locations. I am hoping to share our journey with others in the same boat and to give some hope to those effected people and to show not all is doom and gloom. I would like to encourage people to live life to its fullest, or at least as full as humanly possible, it doesn’t mean you have to climb Mt. Everest or go to Italy, visit a park, beach or a town near you. It can be hard but travel can take you and your loved one out of that dark foreboding place and you may find it very rewarding.

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